Light Planning

Light Planning Service Content

Light Planning Service Content

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Now, People not only need the applications of light but also pursue the aesthetic appreciation of light at the same time.

Lighting design primarily is kind of visual enjoyment, and therefore it must include principle of lighting aesthetic, display of light and expression of meaning.

Before planning for vast buildings, designers will start from beam angle of light, and through the display of lights, designers will express the aesthetic appreciation.

Light Planing Items:

1. Design meet requirement of environment

- Lighting design makes visual space meet mutilevel variation

- Emphasize application of lighting

- Specially plan for places

2. The collocation of Light source and lights

Application of lighting beam angle and lighting arrangement

Calculate the whole electrical loading of applications

The choices of lights are based on the proportion of arrangement and application

3. Lighting plan and clearly explain standard by pictures

Provide standard operating procedure

Detailed design and 3D luminous efficiency simulation

Provide CAD lighting standard blueprint

Provide on-site lighting installation guidance

4. Installation and responsibility 

- Provide the whole installation and construction

  • Building
  • Soccer field
  • Indoor Basketball Court
  • Skybridge
  • Dwelling/House
  • Billboard
  • Apron/Aircraft
  • Gym
  • Baseball court