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LED Bay Light

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LED Bay Light Manufacturer

We are professional manufacturer of LED Bay Lights. Our LED Bay Lighting is designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements. As being technologically sufficient and leading the LED Lighting Industry of Taiwan for long ago, we fabricate and provide a LED Bay Lighting ergonomically with the aim of enhancing efficiency, practicality and safety of the users.
  • Authorized Certifications: United States“UL”listed, European Union“CE”, and Taiwan“CNS”. Leadray LED Lighting is with high reliability and outstanding illumination output.
  • Light fading rate is less than 1% within 4,000 hours; less than 2% within 5,000 hours.
  • 100% proprietary ownership of related techniques to deliver speedy trouble-shooting service and maintenance.
  • Separated power supply and lamp head to reduce maintenance cost.
  • Lightweight, floating on the water, and weighed equivalently to traditional lights. All these advantages lead to higher stability and safety.
  • OQC gating at IP level 67 to extend lifespan and avoid the capillarity.
  • Qualified by Level 17 wind tunnel test to enhance the resistance and reduce damages from typhoon and natural disasters.
  • Our light is one of the best among worldwide current market with 1~2 times higher illumination output than others.
  • The material of lampshade is solid and also with anti-UV treatment.
  • The unique brightening fluid brings superior extra 10% brightness on the light source penetrability.
  • Qualified by salt mist test and suitable for coast island climate.
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