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TL (LED Tube Light)
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TL 線型燈

LED Tube Light

TL-LED Tube Light

➤LED T8 7W/14W, 3000K/4000K/6000K
➤LED save electricity much more than traditional Light Tube
➤Efficiency is about 5 times of traditional light tube.
➤Light weights up to 80g (7W)
➤Easy installation
➤Frost PC cover and not glare
➤CNS15438 Certification
Model TL26FL-C07BH8E   (6000K)
TL26FL-N07BH8E   (4000K)
TL26FL-W07BH8E  (3000K)
TL46FL-C14BH8E   (6000K)
TL46FL-N14BH8E   (4000K)
TL46FL-W14BH8E  (3000K)
Watts 7W ± 10% 14W ± 10%
Rated luminous efficiency≧95% 135 lm/W 135 lm/W
Rated luminous flux≧90% 950 lm ± 10% 1900 lm ± 10%
Color rendering 80 80
Color temperature 6000K ± 500K
4000K ± 500K
3000K ± 500K
6000K ± 500K
4000K ± 500K
3000K ± 500K
Size Ø26(28.5) X 580mm Ø26(28.5) X 1198mm
Weight 80g 140g
Material PC+ glassfiber PC+ glassfiber
lampshade Matte Matte
Operating temperature -20°C~45°C -20°C~45°C
Certification CNS15438 CNS15438
Connector G13 G13