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SmileRay (LED solar street light)
LED Street Lights - SmileRay


LED solar street light

➤All-in-one, unibody design, do not bend.
➤Luminous efficiency is up to 150Im/w with unique optic design, and fully utilize light source.
➤Simple and slim design are suitable for any kind of pole and improve efficiency of installation and repair.
➤With special structure design, keep SmileRay clean and get rid of dust easily by rain washing.
➤Low thermal resistance, wind tunnels to dissipate heat by big area high purity aluminum to avoid overheat.
➤High purity aluminum structure, thermal conductivity is 50% higher than aluminum die casting alloy.
➤Low resistance, not be blown off
➤Anti-slip nut lock avoid fall down
Model SM030NXX-G01 SM040NXX-G01 SM060NXX-G01
Watts 30W ± 10% 40W ± 10% 60W ± 10%
Rated luminous efficiency 130 lm/W 120 lm/W 110 lm/W
Rated luminous flux 3900 lm ± 10% 4800 lm ± 10% 6600 lm ± 10%
Color rendering 70 70 70
Color temperature 5000K ± 500K 5000K ± 500K 5000K ± 500K
Light type Two-direction semi-shield type A Two-direction semi-shield type A Two-direction semi-shield type A
Size 381*146*97mm 381*146*97mm 381*146*97mm
Weight 2.2 ± 1kg 2.2 ± 1kg 2.2 ± 1kg
Material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Power Factor 0.95 0.92 0.92
Operating temperature -40°C~45°C -40°C~45°C -40°C~45°C