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LED Bay Light
LED Bay Lights

100W LED Bay Light

CPC Petrol Station

We develop energy-effective, reasonable price and durable LED Bay Light that tends to cater to the demands of optimum performance. For more details about our LED Bay Lights, please contact with us immediately.
Model of Commercial Lighting Specifications – Lighting Design for Petrol Station

Reliability Engineering & Energy Saving
Petrol stations provide service for a huge number of vehicles 24 hours a day. Therefore, whether the space lighting in petrol stations is energy saving, accurate, safe, and environmental friendly is the major consideration when petrol stations purchasing lighting equipments.

Exclusive Technologies
According to the actual installation report, the Leadray LED high bay lights save over 80 percent of electricity, and lower the operating cost for the owners. The high color rendering of the LED high bay lights allows the staffs to identify the environment clearly, and therefore, to reduce the chance of mis-operation. Moreover, the traditional lights in the petrol stations usually attract the phototaxis insects in the evening, and the working staffs are disturbed by them. However, this is no longer a problem anymore. Since Leadray has added the patented brightening fluid into the LED high bay lights, the ultraviolet turns into visible light. As a result, the annoying insect problem is solved.

Providing the best thermal solutions in the industry
With the patented heat conducting technology, the working temperature of Leadray high bay lights has been lowered from 200℃ to 50℃ effectively. Therefore, the working space becomes more comfortable, yet the cost is even lower. With all these competitive reasons, Leadray Energy LED high bay lights have become the first choice in the Petrol station lighting.

M : 6

W : 100

Lux : 200~300

Date : 2010/4


LED Bay Light