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LEADRAY-LED Street Light-Features


▲ All-in-one, unibody design, do not bend.
▲ Luminous efficiency is up to 140Im/w with unique optic design, and fully utilize light source.
▲ Simple and slim design are suitable for any kind of pole and improve efficiency of installation and repair.
▲ With special structure design, keep SmileRay clean and get rid of dust easily by rain washing.
▲ Natural heat dissipation with low thermal resistance by metal to metal, several wind tunnels design to dissipate heat quickly by big area and high purity aluminum.
▲ High purity aluminum structure, thermal conductivity is 50% higher than aluminum diecasting alloy.
▲ With low Wind resistance, SmileRay is not easy to be blown off and relatively increase the safety of passngers during typhoons.
▲ Installation with anti-slip nut lock to prevent SmileRay from loose and fall down and decrease the danger of passengers.

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