Leadray Energy Co., Ltd

Leadray Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. Leadray's very first LED Street light was installed in 2006 in Hsinchu Science Industrial Park. Leadray has been developing and improving to 8th generation to achieve perfection. Since 2009, the marketing and sales team started to promote its products; in the meantime, the Government was executing the policy of "Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction". Leadray Energy is highly reckoned by related local government and has become market share No. 1 LED Street light supplier in Taiwan in 2010. Leadray has outstanding stability and quality and it was reckoned by CREE, the world leading LED Company, as its CSP (CREE Solution Provider) and strategic partner in September, 2011. In the same year, Leadray has more than 50% market share in those cities subsidized by Department of Energy. Further, about 13,000 LED Street lights had been shipped to the Middle East region in 2011 as well. At the moment, Leadray has shipped over 30,000 LED Street lights, after 6 years' experience of trial projects and experiments, the failure rate is lower than 0.05% which is quite an achievement among the market.

No.1 in Taiwan

LED Street light market share No.1 in Taiwan, Leadray Energy brightens its future by its high technique

As energy saving and carbon reduction have become deeply concerned by human beings, LED lighting become the next generation of lighting applications in all aspects. However, the higher price, short life time and low brightness are also the points which consumers care about. So that only few traditional lighting company such as Philips, Osram etc are able to enter the LED lighting market at the current stage. Now, a Taiwanese company would love to change this traditional point of view. Leadray Energy, a dark horse in this market, is providing longer life time of LED lighting fixtures with higher brightness and cheaper price, which makes itself more competitive in this market. Currently, more than 20,000 LED Street Light have been installed in many corners in Taiwan during these period of time.

The paid-in capital is NTD 230 million, Two public listed company, Nien Hsing Textile Corp. and Ritek Group which holds 12% Leadray’s shares respectively. It is not a large-scale LED Street light supplier, however it has had over 60% market share already in Taiwan. How Leadray reached to today’s achievement, “Professional technique and economical cost are two keys to open its niche market” General Manager of Leadray Energy, Jake Lin said.

Jake also describes LED as a frail lighting source. The luminous will decay when the temperature comes to 80℃ while it will burn up when the temperature comes to over 120℃. As a result, how to solve its heat problem is the most important tasks of making a good LED Street light. Leadray Energy has been working on heat solution and acquired several patent of it. Now, Leadray Energy’s LED Street light is UL, CE and CNS certified product.

20,000 LED Street Light have been installed in the past 5 years. The failure rate is below 0.05% which is much better than other competitors and Leadray product is reckoned by Hsinchu City government. The LED Street Light have been installed in Hsinchu City saved thousands of thousands electricity bill and it is also the most obvious achievements in Mayor’s of Hsinchu City official career. This results in more than 35 engineering companies choose to collaborate with Leadray Energy as their priority option for street engineering project. Moreover, Leadray’s potentiality is reckoned by CREE and certified as its CSP (CREE Solution Provider) and strategic partner.

In 2010, Leadray Energy showed a turn from loss to profit, and it is highly expected that the turnover would be multiple growth than last year. To handle the coming large amount of order, Leadray is building a 6 times bigger factory than current one. Its floor space is around 4,500 square meters with 10 production lines and will be finished in February 2012.

In fact, the market is pessimistic due to the high failure rate in the past period of time. On the other hand, Leadray Energy has many actual cases as evidence which prove that its technology can be used widely and it is expected that the trend of replacing is coming soon. In Taiwan, about 800 thousand of mercury traditional street lights are going to be replaced in 7 years, many LED Street light manufacturer will put efforts to join this market. At the same time, because of the policy of “twelve-five” have been published in China, great opportunities would be there waiting for all of the LED companies once the standard is standardized. Jake Lin said, “Leadray Energy is ready for the future and we are prepared for any kind of collaboration, like OEM, ODM and our own brand, Leadray. We are looking forward to having great growth in the near future.